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Rip Rap Baking

Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA 17853
(570) 541-3082
Valleys of the Susquehanna
is our local chapter home.

About Rip Rap Baking

Wholesale sourdough bakery

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Last Updated: 11/2/2012

Current products updated: 6/12/2009

All of our breads are true sourdoughs using locally grown organic wheat in our starters. Puglia- our sourdough version of the Italian Pugliese, also available as Seeded, Rosemary Olive Oil Sea Salt, More..
Garlic Cheese, Pear Fig, Apple Walnut, Sunflower Pumpkin Seed, Golden Semolina, Foccacia Brewery Bread- a pan loaf using spent grains from Selins'grove Brewing Bakery Crackers- our original crackers available as Real Salt, Seeded, Cinnamon/Sugar, and Sunflower/Pumpkin Seed

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