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2009 High Tunnel

Wimer's Organics

258 Spring Grove Rd
East Earl, PA 17519
Lancaster County
is our local chapter home.

About Wimer's Organics

Wimer's Organics is a CSA of certified organic vegetables from 2 farms in Lancaster County.  We offer the highest quality certified organic CSA in the Philadelphia region.  Please see our website for more details.

Hours of Operation

Pick up sites are open on Wednesdays or Fridays during the specific pick up times for each site. Sites are generally open from 5pm to 7pm as a minimum. Please see our website for the complete listing.

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Product Availability

thumbnail of Wimer's Organics's product availabilityView a graph showing what products we have available and at what times of the year.

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  • Jeffrey Rupertus said.. Great vegetables, great herbs, great eggs, beautiful flowers. We have been very pleased with Wimer's.

    8/19/09 @ 11:13am

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