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Talkin' Turkey

Talkin' Turkey

TurkeyWith Thanksgiving just around the corner, it's time to purchase your family's holiday turkey.

Thanksgiving is the time to show gratitude and celebrate the earth's bounty by honoring local farmers who raise birds in a sustainable fashion, giving something back with each and every gobble!

We've put together this broad list of trusted, local sources for you to select among. Most farms only raise a limited number of turkeys a season, so consider reserving your holiday bird now!
Heritage & Broad-breasted White, pasture-raised, antibiotic-free Turkeys
Heritage & Broad-breasted White, grass-fed, free-range, hormone, growth stimulant & antibiotic-free Turkeys
Farm-raised, hormone & antibiotic-free, natural Turkeys
Available in early November! (Heritage Farms, Mary's Turkey & Organic Valley)

Organic & natural turkey now available!
Pasture-raised, Heritage Turkeys
Natural, farm-raised, Broad-breasted White Turkeys
Farm-raised, steroid, hormone & preservative-free Turkeys
Organic-fed, Soy-free, Broad-Breasted White Turkeys
Delivered to Mt. Lebanon, PA
To order, call farmer Homer Kinsinger (301) 616-4381
Certified Naturally Grown Turkeys
Heritage, Certified Naturally Grown, pasture-raised Turkeys

Now taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys!

Now taking orders for local, Thanksgiving Turkey!